Shipping Your Car Across State Lines: How to Avoid Headache

We all know that cars are made to get us from point A to point B, but sometimes, especially when you move across the country, your car is the one that needs the lift. Sure, you can probably hire someone to drive your car for you, or you can drive it yourself, but that can put unnecessary mileage on your vehicle.

If you are trying to figure out how to ship a car to another state, you aren’t alone. Many others are in the same boat as you who wish to learn more about the auto transport industry.

There is no need to worry, though; we curated this article just for you. In this brief auto transportation guide, we will cover what you need to know about transporting your car to another state and who you can reach out to for more help!

How to Ship a Car to Another State

There are many different ways to ship a car to another state. You can either drive the vehicle yourself, hire someone to drive it for you, or send it by train. Although these options are viable, you may want a more convenient and affordable way to ship your vehicle to another state. This is where auto transport companies shine if you choose to transport your vehicle with an auto transport company.

How to Find an Auto Transport Company

There are many different auto transport companies online. Before you partner with any company, you will want to ensure that they have the proper licenses and insurance to transport vehicles across state lines. When you find a company you want to work with, you can check to see if they have the proper licenses on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website.

Make sure to also check out the company’s reviews on their website and on any third-party websites. Google reviews and Better Business Bureau ratings are also a great place to look. You can see what customers did or did not like about working with the company.

What Is the Cheapest Way to Ship a Car?

You are typically presented with a few options when you ship your vehicle. You can either have your vehicle transported via open-air transport or enclosed transport.

Open-Air Transportation

Open-air transport, also known as an open-air carrier, is when the transporter loads your vehicle upon a trailer with about nine other vehicles. You most likely have seen an open-air carry transporter on the road before, transporting multiple brand new vehicles to local car dealerships. That is the same trailer used to transport your vehicle across states.

Many people use this option because it is the cheaper of the two options. Of course, there are other variables that we will cover later on in this article that affect the overall cost of your transport.

For the most part, if you want a more affordable transport option, you can opt for an open-air carrier. Your vehicle will be exposed to the elements such as dirt or hail, which could possibly damage your car, but the transport option is still safe.

Enclosed Transport

If you want your vehicle to have complete protection from any outside elements, you can opt for enclosed carrier transport. Keep in mind that this option does cost more than an open-air carrier would, but it is worth the price, especially if you need to transport a luxury vehicle. There are usually only about three to five vehicles transported together with this option.

Can I Ship My Car to Another State for Vacation?

Yes, you can ship your car to another state for a vacation! This is an excellent option for those who do not want to put miles on their vehicle or vacation many states away.

It is important to note that you should plan to transport your vehicle at least a month or so in advance to ensure that your vehicle arrives on time. If you plan last minute, you may not receive your vehicle on time.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship Car to Another States?

The overall cost to transport a vehicle across states depends on many different variables. For example, the size and weight of your car will influence the cost of your move.

Larger vehicles take up more room on the trailer, preventing other vehicles from joining the ride. Trailers also can only carry so much weight, so if your car is heavy, that also can prevent the carrier from taking on other vehicles, increasing the cost of your transport.

Distance of the Move

The transport distance also plays a huge role in how much your auto transport will cost. As you may have already guessed, the farther the distance, the more expensive the move.

Most companies charge you about $0.60 per mile if you need to travel a distance longer than 1,000 miles. Local moves are typically cheaper than moving a vehicle across state lines. On average, you can expect to pay between $700 to $1,200 to transport your vehicle based on mileage alone.

Time of the Year

Most people like to move their vehicles and their families during a more convenient time for them. These times, or seasons, tend to be during the spring or summer when children are out of school and schedules are a bit more flexible.

Because the demand is much higher during these times, the cost of services inflates to meet the demand. If you want to save money, and if your situation allows, it is better to schedule an auto transport during the fall and winter season. During that time, demand is much lower, and more available drivers transport your vehicle.

Type of Transport

As mentioned earlier, there are two main ways to transport your vehicle, via an open-air or enclosed carrier. As mentioned earlier, open-air transport costs less than the enclosed transport option.

Depending on the company you partner with, they may also be able to provide you with door-to-door transportation. As the name states, the transporter will deliver the vehicle directly to your home or somewhere close by. That type of drop-off service also costs more than having the car brought to a designated drop-off station selected by the carrier.

Can I Move My Car to Another State?

As you may know by now, you can definitely move your vehicle to another state, no matter how far. You will want to make sure to take the factors listed above into consideration when determining the cost of your move.

How to Move My Vehicle Across States

Once you have found a reputable auto transport company, you will want to request a quote. It is best to reach out to a few different companies so that you can compare quotes and decide on which company works best for you.

Be sure not to focus too much on the cost of the transport. Focus more on the company’s customer service ratings and their experience in the industry. When you receive your quote from these companies, be sure to read over their cancellation policies and fees, claims procedures, and insurance information. If you disagree with what’s listed in the contract, contact the company for clarity before you sign anything.

Check Their Insurance

Most reputable transportation companies have insurance over their fleet, which will cover any damages done to your vehicle during transportation. Keep in mind that their policy may have exclusions such as “acts of God,” such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, etc. If you want to purchase additional coverage, you can always reach out to your insurer for more information.

Clean Your Car

Before the company picks up your vehicle, it is best to clean out your car. Removing any valuables from your car prevents any thefts and any confusion when you pick up your vehicle at your destination.

When your vehicle is clean before pick up, it makes it easier to document what was in your car before the trip. It also helps to differentiate any damages done to your vehicle during transport and what was already there before you used the service.

If an item goes missing, you at least have documentation stating that it was in the car before the transport. It is best to remove anything valuable from the car to prevent that from happening.

Transport Your Vehicle With Ease

When you have to ship a car to another state, the last thing you want to deal with is moving it yourself. This is where auto transport companies shine. They have the logistics of safely moving your vehicle across state lines, and they can provide you with the best customer service.

Contact us now if you are ready to find out how much it will cost to move your vehicle across the states. Our team is prepared to answer any questions or concerns about the transportation process.