Process Verdict

Should I Drive or Hire an Auto Transport Company?

The decision to drive your car cross-country or ship it professionally usually comes down to distance, personal preference and budget, and assessing the pros and cons of each car shipping options carefully.

On the positive side, driving your car cross-country can be:

  1. Fun and adventurous
  2. Relatively inexpensive
  3. Faster than having it shipped

Conversely, it can be stressful and dangerous due to:

  1. Driving through unsafe road
    conditions and bad weather like ice
    and snow.
  2. Breakdowns in places like rural
    Arizona when it’s 115 degrees, you’re
    22 miles from the nearest service
    station, and don’t have cellphone
  3. Having to stay at ratty and possibly
    unsafe hotels off the interstate.
  4. The increased risk of accidents,
    which often end up costing more
    than shipping your car would have.
  5. The unpleasantness of being cooped
    up with spouses, kids, and pets for
    days on end.

The Verdict

Shipping your car with a professional auto transport provider is almost always safer and less stressful than driving, and in some instances it’s even cheaper too.