Process Types

What Are the Different Types of Car
Transportation Services?

  • Open Car Transport

    Open Car Transport is how new cars are moved from ports and factories to dealerships, and it’s the least expensive way to have family vehicles shipped as well. With open transport, your car will be exposed to elements like rain, sleet and snow, as well as road debris like sand, dirt and small rocks, but vehicle shipping of this type rarely results in damage. This is usually the cheapest method to ship a car.

  • Enclosed Car

    Enclosed Transport is the preferred shipping method for vintage automobiles, race cars, and high-dollar exotics. Enclosed auto transport is a premium car shipping service that’s often significantly more expensive than open transport, but it may be a small price to pay for those who want their vehicle pampered and protected.

  • Door-to-Door Service

    Door-to-Door Service is when a car transport provider picks your vehicle up directly from your home or business and delivers it to a specified location, whether it be a museum, race track or private garage.

  • Driveaway Service

    Driveaway Service is similar to student vehicle transport, in that he customer hires a company driver to drive their vehicle from origin to destination. With driveaway services, transit times may be shorter, because there’s no truck driver making additional pickups and deliveries along the way. Driveaway drivers may be professionals, or regular people trying to make a few extra bucks while traveling.

  • Nationwide Car Shipping

    Nationwide Car Shipping is when a vehicle is transported to and from points within the country. In the United States, it usually only includes the Lower 48 states, because shipping to Alaska and Hawaii involves intermodal transportation.

  • Seasonal Auto Movers

    Seasonal Auto Movers do most of their buiness during the peak transportation season between June and August. However, during the winter, many ‘snowbirds’ temporarily relocate from their homes in the Midwest and Northeast to warm sunny states like Florida, Arizona, Nevada and California. Seasonal auto movers are experienced with these moves as well, especially during months when many customers prefer not to drive through inclement weather.