Process Packing

Should I Pack Stuff In My Car When I Ship It?

Though each car shipper has its own policies, it’s generally not a
good idea to pack things into your vehicle before it’s moved.

Remember, car shipping services are not
household goods moving companies.
In fact, some auto transport companies will
refuse to ship a car that’s stuffed with
household goods, and it may even be
against the law.

It’s probably OK to put a suitcase or a few
small boxes of toys or clothes in the
trunk, but always communicate your
intentions to your move coordinator.

Though light unbreakable items like bedding
and winter coats may be stowed in the back
seat safely, heavy, valuable, delicate and
irreplaceable items like pictures and
glassware should never be transported in
a vehicle while it’s on a truck.

Not only could they get damaged as the
truck bumps along the road, but they could
damage the interior of your car as well.

In short, auto transport isn’t a good way
to ship items when you’re moving across
the country. It’s just not worth it, so find
another option if you can.